5 ottobre 2012


We are always a little worried when changes arrive, especially when you're jumping into something totally new, but on the other hand... is there something more exiting?? FMV Magazine is an all new online magazine founded by the bravest and resourceful girl I've ever met, Stefania Zulian. We write about many subjects: marketing, fashion, architecture and so on, everything done with passion and commitment. That's why I'm inviting you all to have a look, become our fan but more than everything, our READERS! For what concerns me, I'm Fashion Editor (wowowowow!!!) of the Season Trends section, and today we have just opened my new What should I wear? If it is not clear enough I'm so very exited about all those initiatives, and I'll try to keep all upted here too, but anyway follow me/us at FMV Magazine! I promise it will worth it!

M. M.